Game Night

Game Night

Every classy gentleman must also be a great host. And the key to being a great host is having enough food, drinks and entertainment. It's the classy way!

For endless entertainment, take our advice and stock up on an extensive stable of games for Game Night. There's nothing better than a classy gentleman who can also roll up his sleeves for a friendly competition of wits with friends and family.

We've identified some of our favorite games for you below. Enjoy these Lifestyle Tips from O/Z, and please share with us your favorite games! Enjoy!



An upgraded version of charades, you'll have endless fun laughing as your friends try to act out various words from randomly drawn cards. Choose from either "Easy" words - good for 2 points or go for the gold with the "Hard" words - good for 4 points. Whatever you choose - act fast and keep you cool, as the timer is counting down! Best played with at least four people.


I hope you have your adjectives ready. This game is a mind-challenging competition to come up with various words that start with a randomly selected letter. Roll the multi-lettered die, start the timer and let the pencil do the work. But, be careful! If your opponent comes up with the same word - neither of you get any points, so be creative!

Cards Against Humanity

Not for the faint of heart, this game is definitely for adults only. One player reads a card with an unfinished sentence. Your job is to finish the sentence with one of your cards. The only problem is - your card is likely to contain an off-the-wall phrase that is sure to have everyone dying laughing (or maybe just scratching their head). Leave all your judgements at the door for this game. Best played with at least 4 people but ideally 6 or 8 (or more).

Relative Insanity

This is the family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity.  Very fun and a little more PG-13.


Phase 10

Extremely fun, competitive and addictive, Phase 10 is a better version of the classic game UNO.  The rules are very simple, and you'll be ready to play within 5 minutes of opening the box. You will compete through 10 different Phases; each phase requires you to obtain a certain collection of cards - similar to poker.  The wilds and skip cards make this game even more entertaining. Just try to stay classy as the competition heats up!  This one can be played with just two people, but the more - the better!

Play Nine

This game is sure to intrigue all of you golf-lovers.  You start with eight cards face down. Each card has a number (i.e., number of strokes).  Your goal is to end with the lowest number of strokes by turning cards over one at a time and also by pulling cards from the community pile. The first person to turn over all of their cards ends the round, and it's time to count your stokes.  Play Nine can be played with as few as two people but is best enjoyed with four or more.

Next time you are hosting game night, you won't go wrong if you have these games ready to go. The variety offers something for everyone.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Enjoy and Stay Classy!


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