DaMair Watch Band

Removing links from your watch band is very simple.  Please read these instructions in their entirety before removing any links.

1. First, you want to identify which link(s) you want to remove.  We suggest you start with the link furthest away from the buckle.

2. Once you have identified the link, locate the tool (included) and unscrew the mechanism to the widest position.

3. Next, you will want to determine which direction you would like to remove the pin on the watch link.  Look for the side where the pin is slightly indented from the edge of the link.

4. Align to tool with the pin in the link you wish to remove. Slowly tighten the mechanism until the pin emerges from the other side.  Notice that the pin has a grooved edge on the end.  If you don't see the grooved edge, then you have removed the pin in the wrong direction.  We suggest you push the pin back in and reverse directions.

5. Repeat the steps with the adjacent pin.

6. Remove the two pins.

7. Remove the link.

8. Reconnect the band and insert the pin.

If the band is still too big, repeat the steps with the same link on the other side of the band.