About Us

Details matter, and here at O/Z Lifestyle Brands, we’re all about the details. We’re living in a new age of man, where anyone with skills can get online, remove themselves from the rat race and make the world their plaything. We showcase classic pieces that make shopping the easiest it’s ever been for you and leave plenty of change in your pocket for your next adventure. Our site is curated, polished and served by a team with world-class experience, plating up expert advice, inspirational content and exclusive access to exotic destinations. 

So, why "Brands" and not just a single brand? Because, you deserve variety and choice, and we're dedicated to bringing you the best selection to satisfy your adventurous spirit. We balance style with substance in quality, design and craftsmanship with our signature brand O/Z, offering both classic and casual designs, while DaMair delivers unique, head-turning wood-based products. We round out your selection with our Curated Collection, sourced from around the globe.

At O/Z Lifestyle Brands, we're curating a unique experience to elevate style for men with ultra-discerning tastes. O/Z is for men who have found their calling, but don’t need to shout about it. Come join us.


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