O/Z Sponsors "Real Talk" with Zuby

O/Z Sponsors "Real Talk" with Zuby

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the “Real Talk With Zuby” podcast, hosted by the multi-talented and thought-provoking Zuby! Based in the UK, Zuby is an accomplished author, rapper and fitness coach. His “Real Talk” podcast offers 100% honest conversations with a diverse range of guests, about anything and everything that is interesting - life, music, entrepreneurship, mindset, health & fitness, technology, current events, society, politics and culture.  "Real Talk" has been downloaded and streamed over 50,000 times in 2019 alone.

In addition to hosting his own podcast, Zuby has also appeared on a number of popular podcasts both in the US and abroad.  He is currently in discussions to appear on the Joe Rogan podcast.  You can follow Zuby on Twitter and Instagram @zubymusic.

Please celebrate this exciting news!


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